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Training on Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment

Do you have a Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment? Or are you or your firm about to purchase new Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment? Than you will undoubtedly need training on the equipment and FloorSlip can provide on-site training for you.

Pendulum Test Equipment used for floor test and skid test and risk assessment

For a one off price for Training on Floor Pendulum Test Equipment FloorSlip will train up to 4 candidates for you (same price for 1 to 4) in the method of using the Pendulum Floor Slip Testing equipment.

Courses take about 4 hours and will be conducted at your site on your own floors. We will train you on your own floor testing equipment or we can train you on our own. All candidates will be taught in the theory of the equipment, what test results are expected and what they mean and the risks associated with slippery floors and how to avoid slip injury claims, which is critical when the cost of accident claims are rising all the time. Candidates can also use the opportunity to use the equipment as well on your own floors (saving you up to £500 on floor tests)

Why use FloorSlip for your Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment Training?

1. We do not specialise in multiple Health and Safety topics, we specialise as Floor Slip Testing Experts so our courses are pure and targeted for that topic; we are probably one of the leading providers in the UK in this subject.

2. You may also purchase new Floor Pendulum Test Equipment from us at prices typically lower than our competitors and main suppliers - and we offer a discount on training fees should you select to buy a Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment

3. Our floor test equipment prices are far, far lower than courses run by the ‘government agencies’

4. We conduct tests at your site, on your floors, saving you travel and hotel costs and reducing excessive time off for staff - and you even get floors tested for free!!

5. We can offer a weekend or an evening course if required

6. We have conducted thousands of tests and provided hundreds of Expert Witness Reports in slip injury claims and built up a huge knowledge in the subject so we are well placed to deliver ‘real world’ training courses in the Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment

7. Our after sales support is excellent - FloorSlip are at the end of a telephone or email and advice is not charged for so if you have any questions after the course then we will help you - Call FloorSlip on 07774 323267 / 07506 559952 or email or contact the training manager - Paul Madden - Contact

What is included in the floor pendulum testing training course?

1. Familiarisation of the Pendulum Equipment components and purpose

2. Pendulum History; why the UK HSE prefers the ‘British’ Pendulum

3. Law on Slips on Floors; the pass mark and slip probability of 36 PTV

4. The selection of which rubber sliders to use (55 and 96)

5. Standards tested to BS 7976 / BS 13036-4 and the UKSRG guidelines

7. Setting up the Pendulum Test Equipment for use

8. Prepping and Verification of the equipment

9. Practical exercises on your own floors

10. Tests on non horizontal surfaces and floor slopes - adjusting PTV for slopes

11. The number of tests required at each test position and recording the results

13. The ‘Pendulum Test Value’ or PTV

14. R Ratings and ABC Ratings

15. Using Surface Roughness Testing Equipment

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