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Comments from Our Customers … “FloorSlip is a great source for Floor Safety expertise and Floor Pendulum Testing” … “The CPR35/COPFS Expert Witness reports for Slip Injury Lawyers are clear, unequivocal, affordable and assist in winning Slip Injury Claims

About Pendulum Testing and FloorSlip

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FloorSlip have become one of the UK’s leading providers of Pendulum Floor Testing services proving if floors are safe to prevent slip injury claims or providing Independent and Impartial CPR35/COPFS Expert Witness services in the event of a slip accident injury claim.

FloorSlip also provide global services selling UK Manufactured Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment (And floor test equipment training courses - UK Only).

We also service many countries worldwide for floor sample testing.

Why use FloorSlip? Why use the Floor Pendulum Test?

FloorSlip are not allied to any company. We only use HSE recognised methods and we only use the HSE Recommended ‘British Pendulum’ Floor Testing Equipment. This is because it is one of the best floor testing equipments providing reliable, repeatable and consistent ‘dynamic’ test results. I.e., it truly shows how a heel and sole is behaving when ‘moving’ across a floor. ‘Static’ floor testing equipments are all very well but are not recognised by the UK HSE (Or many global government Health and Safety depts) and do not give true ‘dynamic’ results of how a person walks and possibly slips. The Pendulum Test is also the only test recognised in UK courts in the event of slip injury claims by many slip injury lawyers and the choice of use for Floor Testing Expert Witnesses, which FloorSlip provide

FloorSlip also offer very competitive and affordable prices - professionalism with affordability

A Floor Pendulum Test can be notoriously expensive and many times the price of FloorSlip in some companies particularly if UKAS accredited

FloorSlip on the other hand are fully aware that Floor Testing needs to be affordable to ensure you can afford to meet the UK legislated duty of care in respect to floors - But also when supporting individuals in slip injury claims. So our prices in respect to floor testing and Expert Witness Services providing CPR35/COPFS compliant reports are, in our opinion are some of the most affordable in the UK, which might explain why we have so many leading Customers and Slip Injury Lawyers who use our services across the UK - they get professionalism with affordability

How do we keep our floor testing and expert witness prices low?

- Minimal admin staff - direct telephone contacts with Experts

- Basic offices (No fancy glass palaces for us!)

- Experts geographically located to best suit the UK

- Focus on one floor safety services,meaning what we do, we can do better, and quicker, than those groups who diversify

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FloorSlip - Keeping Floors Safe - Making it Easy

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