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Floor Safety Risk AssessmentsFloor Pendulum Testing for duty of care and meet risk assessment criteria

FloorSlip can conduct floor risk assessments of flooring areas and can advise on issues that might or will cause you problems and how to prevent, overcome or at least reduce the risks substantially and reduce the likelihood of slip injury claims .

It is understood that not all risks can be entirely eliminated as many industries are inherently dangerous but it must be demonstrated as part of your duty of care and as mandated by the UK Health and Safety Executive care that all efforts have been made to reduce floor slip possibilities.

FloorSlip can provide different levels of report at affordable prices – The prices we charge generally assume we are already on site and included as part of other Floor Pendulum Testing Work – See Pendulum Test Prices. Note - The cost of a floor safety risk assessment is all dependent upon the size of establishment, the number of floor and geographical location(s) - Please Contact FloorSlip to find out more about the prices of floor safety risk assessments

Construct of Report on Floor Safety

FloorSlip will attend your site, determine what areas you wish to be assessed and conduct the following activities: -

1. Conduct Floor Pendulum Testing in accordance with the UK HSE methods on floor testing

2. Conduct Surface Roughness Tests, again in accordance with the UK HSE methods on floor surface roughness tests

3. Take photographs of all areas tested and assessed for ease of determining the possible floor slip and trip locations

4. Provide a detailed report of our findings - Note these are not CPR35/COPFS compliant reports, which are required in slip injury claims (Though we can provide an Expert Witness Service if required) but they are comprehensive enough for you to demonstrate to your SHE representative, to the HSE in a floor hazard analysis and a slip injury lawyer that you had seriously considered the duty of care.

5. Offer ‘suggestions for improvements’ as to cost effective solutions to reducing slips and trips – Note - we are not in alliance with other companies and our advice is impartial

Floor Safety Checks using your own Pendulum Floor Slip Testing Equipment

FloorSlip can provide to you brand new UK Manufactured Floor Pendulum Test Equipment at prices cheaper than manufacturer direct. Manufactured to BS7976-1 and Calibrated to BS7976-3, the floor testing equipment will allow you to conduct your own floor safety risk assessments - though we always recommend taking the FloorSlip Training Course on the methods of using the Floor Pendulum Test Equipment and what the results mean and the history behind the Pendulum Test Equipment and why this type of floor testing equipment is preferred by the HSE.

FloorSlip also provide a no cost after sales service for questions following the floor test equipment training courses - Contact FloorSlip about New Floor Test Equipment and Floor Testing Training Courses

Useful Links to Floor Risk Assessments documentation

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‘Slip and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook’ Second Edition -

Hardcover: 480 pages

Publisher: CRC Press; 2 edition (5 Aug. 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9781420082340

ISBN-13: 978-1420082340

Keywords - Floor Safety Risk Assessments, SHE Risk Assessment, ALARP, H&S  assessment

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