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Surface Roughness Floor Tests - Monitoring Floor Wear

floor surface roughness test

There are many floor test methods available. Only the Floor Pendulum Test is fully HSE approved to accurately conduct a dynamic floor check; i.e. imitating a heel moving or slipping across a floor and the only method recognised in a court of law.  But Health and Safety approved Surface Roughness Testing is ideal to monitor floor wear. For this purpose FloorSlip use the Surtronic Duo Surface Roughness Test Equipment

The Surtronic Duo checks the surface roughness by moving a a tiny diamond stylus across the floor surface and a reading of its ‘roughness’ is found and recorded. Then periodically (recommended within 3 months) the floor checks should be repeated and any changes in the readings will typically indicate floor wear. This piece of floor test equipment is highly sensitive and can detect surface roughness from 1 to 200 micron (a human hair is 100 microns).The HSE provide a free piece of software to enhance the findings from the floor known as the ‘SAT’ or Floor Slip Assessment Tool

The New Rechargeable Surtronic Duo Surface Roughness Tester

prices start in the range £1500 + VAT (2019)

Surface Roughness Testing relationship to Floor Slipperiness

In the ideal world it would be hoped that there would be a direct relationship between the Surface Roughness Test results and the Pendulum Test Value; there is not, the readings are indicative of floor slip potential only but NOT accurate enough to provide evidence in a court of law in a floor slip claim; you will need the Floor Pendulum Test for that purpose.

Why do floors with the same surface resistance values have different pendulum test values?

Two different floors of the same Surface Roughness might have very different ability to resist slips and are likely to provide different Pendulum Slip Resistance Values (Pendulum Test Values). This is because, seen under a microscope, the shape of the floor surface is different; one floor might have a jagged appearance and another floor might have rolling dips (as the image to the right shows. These different floor surface profiles might have the same floor surface roughness test results but the floor with the upper profile of the image will probably allow the sharp points of the profile to dig into the soles and heels of shoes providing a better slip resistance value - hence the Pendulum Test Resistance Values different readings.

Surface Roughness Testing Frequency

Every 3-6 months it is  suggested to conduct floor testing using the Surtronic Duo ‘might’ show where floors are deteriorating over a period of time helping you build up a clear picture of what floors are likely to cause issues and when. Unfortunately, this method though extolled by the HSE has its disadvantages - The diamond stylus digs in soft surfaces such as soft vinyl floor surfaces, giving inaccurate inconsistent readings and soft vinyl floors tend to be those, which wear quickest. Whereas harder surfaces will give accurate readings but the surface tester values change little over months or even years except in high footfall areas, which are critical to monitor  

Alternatively, it is recommenced to book an annual Pendulum Test and the initial Floor Surface Roughness Tests are included FREE - see the page on prices for floor pendulum tests and prices for floor surface roughness testing . We can also offer you combined Pendulum Test / Floor Surface Roughness Tests

Can I buy the Surface Roughness Testers and Pendulum Test Equipment through FloorSlip?

Yes you can - The Pendulum floor testing equipment is available from FloorSlip - see the prices and includes the very robust carrying container, the initial calibration (worth over £500), tools and a set of floor test sliders (worth another £200). Contact FloorSlip for the Surface Roughness Tester and we will secure a price better than the typical market price

Do FloorSlip Provide Training in using Pendulum Test Equipment? - YES

Buy the Pendulum Test Equipment through FloorSlip and we will can provide (at extra but discounted cost) a Training Course in using the Pendulum Test Equipment and show you how to conduct your floor tests on your own site floors using your own Pendulum Test Equipment .

See the Prices for Floor Pendulum Equipment and Prices for Training Courses

Contact FloorSlip and reinforce your floor safety campaign today


The original battery powered Surtronic Duo Floor Tester used on a bar floor

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