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and CPR 35 / COPFS Expert Witness Services for Slip Injury Lawyers


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Comments from Our Customers … “FloorSlip is a great source for Floor Safety expertise and Floor Pendulum Testing” … “The CPR35/COPFS Expert Witness reports for Slip Injury Lawyers are clear, unequivocal, affordable and assist in winning Slip Injury Claims

Pendulum Testing

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Services supplied across the UK from Lands End to Dover and Southampton to John O-Groats Contact Northern Regional Office -  07774 323267 - Contact Southern Regional Office   07506 559952. Contact by Phone or E:mail FloorSlip for more info

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FloorSlip are an independent professional service offering: -

Floor Pendulum Testing for businesses to comply with HSE laws

CPR35 / COPFS Expert Witness Services in respect to floor slip, trip and fall injury / accident claims

Floor Sample Testing

Floor Surface Roughness Tests

Floor Health & Safety

Sales of Floor Pendulum Test Equipment

Training courses in Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment

Training courses in Floor Health and Safety